My name is Kevin Zeh and I became a fan of massage therapy while recovering from a neck and shoulder injury playing football  and lacrosse at Pace University.  After college, I was not taking care of myself as well as I should because I was always focusing on work, family and friends.  

Massage Therapy has changed my life and has allowed me to effect changes in the  emotional and physical health of others.  For that I am truly grateful,  satisfied and humbled by the positive feedback I have received from hundreds of people I have worked with over the last few years.

The human body has thousands of parts and some are  meant for movement and  others are meant to create stability within our structure.  Due to genetic or environmental reasons our muscles and ligaments can become shorter and tighter or looser and weaker. These tight or loose muscles and ligaments can cause inefficiencies that create compensation patterns that can eventually lead to pain and or injury.  

I am a Licensed New York State Massage Therapist but still like to say I'm a student.  I seem to learn something new from every person in every session.  We are all so alike, yet so different.   


  • New York State Licensed Massage Therapist #027108

  • Associate of Occupational Studies for Massage Therapy, New York College of Health Professions (2011)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Pace University (1993)

  • Certified Massage Cupping Practitioner, ACE Massage Cupping (2016)

  • Pain Management with soft tissue Gua Sha, Swedish Institute (2015)

  • Scoliosis: Theories and Practices, Swedish Institute (2015)

  • American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR Certified

  • Visceral Manipulation 1, Barral Institute (2015)

  • Certified Myoskeletal Therapist, Freedom from Pain Institute with Erik Dalton, Phd (2014)

  • Integrated Manual Therapy & Orthopedic Massage for Low Back Pain, Hip Pain, Sciatica, Complicated Knee Conditions, Complicated Lower Extremity Conditions, James Waslaski (2016)

  • Clinical Sports Massage and Corrective Stretching and Strengthening Exercises for Pain Free Living and Performance Enhancement, James Waslaski (2016)

  • Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function (2016)

  • Anatomy Trains Certified Structural Integration Practitioner (June 2018)

  • Pelvis from an Osteopathic Lens. Ron Murray, DO (Oct. 2018)

  • Introduction to Traditional Thai Massage, Yaron Gal Carmel (Oct. 2018)

  • Clinical Manual Therapy Techniques for the Upper Extremity, Dr. Joe Muscolino (Feb. 2019)

  • Clinical Manual Therapy Techniques for the Lower Extremity, Dr. Joe Muscolino (March 2019)

  • Gross Anatomy Dissection Lab: Upper Body and Lower Body with Dr. Kelly Meyers and Dr. Norton Berg (May 2019)